Key Features

Versatile Stoppers for Multiple Applications

petrochem stoppers, rubber plugs, huntingdon fusion, HFTWith only 5 stoppers to seal pipes from 2” to 12” (50 mm- 300 mm), the Inflatable Rubber PetroChem Chemical Resistant Stoppers are most commonly used for:

  • Construction site drain testing operations.
  • Debris stopping during machining operations.
  • Leak testing of pipework systems in commercial, domestic and industrial applications.
  • Low pressure hydrostatic tests.
  • On-site thermoforming of bends in ducting and conduit materials.
  • Fibre-optic construction projects.
  • Debris and animal barriers for overnight protection of pipelines.
  • Plumbing operations.
  • Reduction of weld purging volume when welding headers onto stainless steel tanks.


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