Frequently Asked Questions

06W WeldOrbitalPurgePlugs

1.0 What type of material are the plugs manufactured from?

The Weld Purge Plugs™ are made from engineering quality nylon 6.

2.0 What is the size range?

The Plugs are manufactured in a range of sizes from 0.5” (13 mm) up to 6” (152 mm).

3.0 What is the seal made from?

Manufactured with a standard seal made from natural rubber and for special applications seals made of silicone, nitrile and viton rubbers are available.

4.0 What other applications can the plugs be used for?

These low cost, lightweight plugs service a wide variety of industrial applications. As “overnight stoppers” they provide a strong barrier in pipeline activities, to prevent foreign bodies entering the line during downtime. Other applications include leak testing of pipework systems, whether commercial, domestic or industrial and sealing holes in castings, tanks and other assemblies. 

5.0 What pressure can the plugs withstand?

A pressure chart is available on the leaflet, which details the pressure each plug can withstand.

6.0 What is the maximum working temperature for the Nylon Plugs?

Nylon plugs can be used intermittently up to 120˚C (248˚F) and the natural rubber rings up to 100˚C (212˚F). In continuous use, the nylon should be restricted to 100˚C (212˚F) and the rubber ring to 80˚C (176˚F). For higher temperatures, we manufacture plugs made from steel or aluminium with the rings made from silicone which can be used continuously up to temperatures of 200˚C (392˚F) and intermittently up to 300˚C (572˚F).

7.0 I have a hole to seal, where your plug won’t quite seal well enough, but the next size up is too big. Do you have any in between sizes?

The user can extend the range of each plug by a few millimetres by using an exterior rubber seal on top of the ring provided. Each case varies and a solution to suit each circumstance is possible. We have, for example, cut a small section out of a 1” ring to wrap tightly around an 0.75” plug ring and used super glue to join the ends.
For other applications, we used strips of rubber from a car inner tube, to make a ring fit over the standard plug ring. Double and triple thickness increase the range of each plug by a few millimetres in each case and still maintain a leak-tight seal.

8.0 Can the plugs be used as a permanent stopper in pipes?

Depending on the pressure and the internal surface of the pipes, our plugs can be used effectively as a permanent stopper. The wings can be cropped to prevent tampering. The inside of the pipe should be clean and free from debris at the sealing point.

9.0 I want to use the plugs in an application where natural rubber is not suitable. Can I have the rings made from other materials?

Yes, we manufacture and stock the sealing rings in silicone, nitrile and viton. We can have the rings made in other materials as well, subject to minimum volumes and delivery requirements.

10.0 When should I use the Nitrile rubber rings which you have available as accessories?

Nitrile rubber is resistant to many oils and has better resistance to corrosion, weathering and ozone. If you find out that your standard natural rubber ring deteriorates too quickly, you can consider purchasing the nitrile rubber rings as accessories. Nitrile is resistant to many hydraulic oils. A chemical resistance chart for nitrile is available.

11.0 When should I use the Silicone rubber rings which you have available as accessories?

Silicone rubber may be used continuously up to temperatures of 200˚C (392˚F) and intermittently up to temperatures of 300˚C (572˚F). Silicone also has excellent resistance to weathering, corrosion and ozone. Silicone is particularly resistant to skydrol aviation hydraulic fluid.

12.0 When should I use the Viton rubber rings that you have available as accessories?

Viton rubber may be used continuously up to temperatures of 220˚C (428˚F). They have excellent resistance to ozone, oxygen, mineral oil, synthetic hydraulic fluids, aromatics and many organic solvents and chemicals.

13.0 Will the Nylon Plugs withstand attacks from various acids, alkalis and chemicals?

A full technical data sheet about the chemical resistance of nylon is available on request.

14.0 What is the thread on the outside of the small bore hollow shaft plugs?

10 mm.

15.0 What is the thread on the outside of the large bore hollow shaft plugs? 


16.0 Can I have the plugs made in our company house colours?

Yes, there is very little restriction on colour. We already have components available in black and green as well as the standard white. There will be minimum yearly order requirements of course.

17.0 Can I have the plugs made with my company’s name or logo on them?

Yes, we manufacture them already for a number of clients with their logos or names on the caps.

18.0 How quickly can the Weld Purge Plugs™ be delivered?

The Plugs are available individually or in Kits to suit Domestic Plumbers, Automotive Radiator Repair Shops and Pool and Spa Maintenance Teams, all of which are available for immediate delivery.


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