Improve Weld Root Profiles!

Extending the HFT® range of products, we manufacture Argweld® Weld Backing Tape®, specifically for supporting weld roots and to provide very even weld root profiles.

The Weld Backing Tape® comprises a 75 mm wide aluminium adhesive tape that has a 25 mm wide fibre glass band in the centre onto which the weld can be cast.

Welding speeds can be dramatically increased with the help of Argweld® Weld Backing Tape®.  The resulting weld is neat, clean and requires minimal post weld attention.

HFT®’s Glass Fibre Weld Backing Tape® has no true melting point, unlike Ceramic Fibre, which has a melting point of 1,800ºC, causing concern when temperatures during TIG welding can reach up to 6,000ºC.

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Typically for the welding of thin wall stainless steel sheet and vessels from one side only, the backing tape can be attached to the backside of the weld, to support the weld pool, keep the argon from the weld torch surrounding the weld pool and eliminate the need to back purge, while giving a consistent high quality underbead profile.

For purging large vessels, the tremendous savings of purge gas and waiting time pays for the use of the backing tape many times over.


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Support Weld Roots and Save Costs


Using Argweld® Weld Backing Tape® will significantly reduce linear and circumferential seam welding costs. 

Argweld® Weld Backing Tape® allows faster welding speeds and greater production rates while producing smooth profile and flat, clean weld underbeads.

With Argweld® Weld Backing Tape®, it is now possible to make welds from one side only, where double sided welding used to be applied. This eliminates the need for expensive weld preparations and the need for back gouging.

Because weld roots are flat and clean when using Argweld® Weld Backing Tape®, post weld dressing and cleaning costs are dramatically reduced.

The cost of Argweld® Weld Backing Tape® is paid for on each weld as well as making additional cost savings through increased welding speed and reduced weld cleaning.

Where large volumes are filled with expensive inert gas to prevent oxidised welds, the use of Argweld® Weld Backing Tape® allows welders to complete the work quickly without the cost of inert gas and lengthy waiting times for purging.

Argweld® Weld Backing Tape® and Argweld Weld Purge Tape® are available for immediate delivery.


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Frequently Asked Questions


1.0 Does the Argweld® Weld Backing Tape® support the weld?

Yes, Argweld® Weld Backing Tape® will support the weld pool for a single-sided weld, as long as the current constraints for the tape are followed.

2.0 What effect will the adhesive have on the weld?

The adhesive will not contaminate the weld. It is easily removed from the metal at the side of the weld after the weld has had a chance to cool.

3.0 What amperage can the Argweld® Weld Backing Tape® withstand?

The Light Duty Grade is recommended for welding currents up to 80 Amps.

The Medium Duty Grade is suitable for welding currents up to 160 Amps.

The Heavy Duty Grade is for welding currents up to 240 Amps.

The Super Heavy Grade is suitable for welding up to 600 Amps.

4.0 Can Argweld® Weld Backing Tape® be reused?

After the Argweld® Weld Backing Tape® has been used one time, the properties of the glass fibre will be degraded to prevent further use and in addition, the adhesive may not work twice.

5.0 What is the length of a roll of Argweld® Weld Backing Tape®?

The light duty material has 25 metres (82 ft) on the roll. This is sufficient for welding a tank/vessel of 8 metres (26 ft) diameter, or a number of smaller ones. The medium, the heavy and super heavy duty rolls have 12.5 metres (41 ft).

6.0 What applications is the Argweld® Weld Backing Tape® designed for?

Sheet to sheet, plate to plate, pressure vessels, large diameter pipes and tanks, longitudinal and circumferential seams, to support the weld pool.

Or anywhere that a back purge is desired but not possible or too expensive with gas. Or for any weld that requires extensive post weld grinding and polishing, so that post weld cleaning is reduced almost to zero.

Plus any welds that have to be welded from both sides for a number of reasons. Argweld® Backing Tape® permits single sided welding in some cases and saves large amounts of time and money.

7.0 What metals can be welded with Argweld® Weld Backing Tape®?

All weldable metals including copper nickel, carbon, stainless, duplex steels, alloy steels, nickel & cobalt alloys and titanium.

8.0 What welding processes can I use with Argweld® Weld Backing Tape®?

TIG/GTAW, FCAW and MIG/GMAW. The constraints are the current. 80 amps for the lightweight grade, 160 amps for the medium grade, 240 Amps for the heavy duty grade and 600 Amps for the extra heavy duty grade.

9.0 What advantages does Argweld® Weld Backing Tape® have over backing bars and purging dams?

There is a major practical advantage by not having to use expensive and difficult to use backing bars. Backing bars need to be manipulated and held in place with complicated and expensive fixturing.

10.0 Are there any fumes given off when welding onto Argweld® Weld Backing Tape®?

There are no noxious nor toxic fumes given off when welding onto backing tape.

11.0 What is the difference between Argweld® Weld Backing Tape® and backing tiles?

Weld Backing Tape® is the more economical solution for welding currents up to 600 amps. For welding currents above 600 amps, it is better to use the more expensive ceramic backing tile alternative.

12.0 What is the difference between Ceramic tape and Argweld® Backing Tape®?

Tig/GTAW welding arcs can reach temperatures of 6000ºC for which Argweld® Backing Tape® is suitable. Ceramic tape however does not perform well at high temperatures and will crumble, thus letting air into the weld zone and causing oxidation that has to be removed.

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