Non Thoria, Safe, 'Green' Tungstens

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MultiStrike® contain a blend of rare earth dopants to replace Thoria.

The dopants are not radioactive and they are mixed in accurate proportions using statistical proportional control procedures, fully computerised to ensure that the tungstens are made to the same high standards every time.

The exact ingredients of MultiStrike® are part of the intellectual property of Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® who have carried out extensive research and development to bring a quality product to the market place that is totally traceable, reliable and repeatable.

The unique packaging gives a guarantee of product quality, reliability, repeatability, consistency and traceability.

MultiStrike® Tungstens conform to the rules and regulations of EN ISO 06848 and ANSI/AWS A5 12m-98.

Some Specific Background and Science

The work function of a metal or alloy is the energy needed to remove an electron from Fermi level in the material to a point at an infinite distance outside the surface.

This is relevant to TIG welding since the lower the work function of an electrode, the lower the voltage necessary to strike an arc.

The work function of tungsten is 4.35 ev. Therefore, the addition of a stable metal oxide with a work function lower than pure tungsten, lowers the work function of the tungsten.

Thorium's work function is 3.4 ev.

The special blend of dopants in MultiStrike® has a work function of 2.9 ev.

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT®'s special blend of dopants along with its stringent in-house production specification ensure that the dopant is distributed evenly through the Techweld® MultiStrike® maintaining an even performance from start to finish.


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