Frequently Asked Questions

09W PurgeGate Valves Weld Purge Control

1.0 What is the purpose of RootGlo®?

RootGlo® is used for accurate positioning of your Inflatable Tube and Pipe Weld Purging Systems inside each pipe, viewable through the root gap.

2.0 Is RootGlo® safe for use?

Absolutely, there is no risk to using RootGlo®.

3.0 How do I charge RootGlo®?

Simply charge RootGlo® in daylight for approximately 10 minutes. 

4.0 How long with RootGlo® continue to product light so I can see in the darkness of my pipe through the root gap?

With at least 10 minutes exposure to light, RootGlo® will glow in the dark for up to 20 hours.

5.0 What is RootGlo® made of?

RootGlo® is manufactured from a special luminescent material, which is woven onto the centre of each Argweld® Inflatable Tube and Pipe Purging System.

6.0 Why is RootGlo® important?

It is important to have your Inflatable Pipe Purging Bladder correctly aligned inside the pipe to avoid welding too close to the dams. RootGlo® is woven onto the centre of each system, giving you accurate positioning inside the pipe.

7.0 Where can I purchase a RootGlo®?

RootGlo® is fitted as standard to the Argweld Range of Pipe Purging Systems and Pipe Purging Bladders. 

If you are interested in buying RootGlo® separately, please contact your nearest HFT Exclusive Distributor if you are interested in purchasing PurgeGate.




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