Stop Hydrocarbon Liquids and Gases Escaping

12W Pipestoppers Heat Resistant Covers Inflatable Stoppers

Standard PetroChem® Inflatable Stoppers are available in Spherical and Cylindrical formats.

Cylindrical PetroChem® Inflatable Stoppers are commonly used for stopping off pipes with hydrocarbon gases and liquids inside where the inner membrane of the stopper protects the inflatable latex bag inside that.

Spherical PetroChem® Inflatable Stoppers give less contact area than the Cylindrical version, but are very useful where access is limited. Since the position of the Stopper in the pipe is not critical, it can be put at any angle, this is particularly useful when inserting into a small opening at the top of a pipe rather than at the end of the pipe. 

Heat Resistant Covers

Heat Resistant Inflatable Covers are available with a performance rating to give protection up to a temperature of 300°C (572°F).

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