Lightweight... but Strong and Highly Resistant Plugs

HFT® Pipestoppers® Inflatable Rubber Pipe Plugs and Stoppers are made of a thicker, stronger, special rubber and have a large range of diameters. These Plugs are an addition to the existing range of inflatable, aluminium, nylon and steel plugs and stoppers. The special rubber is very resistant to higher pressure and petrochemical fluids and vapours.

These Rubber Inflatable Plugs take only seconds to inflate and are ideal for fast, reliable and safe stopping and blocking of pipes, joints, channels, inlets and a number of other uses.

These lightweight, easy to remove Rubber Inflatable Plugs are resistant from -40° to 70°C and highly resistant to oils, hydrocarbons and petrochemicals.

Tough, durable, with a long life, they have quick disconnect fittings and can be used temporarily or for long term use. Each plug covers a range of sizes from 35 mm to 2000 mm (1.5" to 78") in diameter.

12W Multi Size RubberInflatablePipePlugs


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