Reactive Metal Heat Tint Charts

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® are pleased to create a Heat Tint Chart for Titanium Welding as a good reference guide for acceptable levels of weld oxidation.

The Heat Tint Chart demonstrate what the standard authorities set (Norsok and The American Welding Society) and what our scientific research shows. 


Heat Tint Recognition Chart For Titanium Welding


It is vital to maintain a low level of oxygen before, during and after welding, which will help achieve welds that are free from oxidation, discolouration and are metallurgically sound. The use of a Weld Purge Monitor® throughout the cycle is therefore necessary.

We hope that you find these Heat Tint Charts useful.

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The one-day course will introduce you to all of the latest science and technology in the ever advancing field of weld purging and will demonstrate the latest equipment available to you to achieve those sought after zero colour welds.

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