Life made easy for Welders, Left or Right Handed

Argweld Weld Trailing Shields® are designed for high quality gas coverage of titanium, stainless steels and other reactive alloys during welding to prevent oxidation.

Designed to fit the industry's most common welding torches, our NEW DESIGN Argweld Weld Trailing Shields® have a new unique torch attachment, which means the welder can easily change different shield sizes without having to change the welding torch and also allows for right or left hand use. See the video showing the quick attachment of the NEW torch holder. Life has never been easier for Welders to achieve bright, clean, high quality welds with ease of use.   

They will fit any make of TIG (GTAW) or Plasma (PAW) welding torch for manual or automatic welding, on flat sheet or plate and the outsides or insides of tubes or pipes.

The addition of a low cost Argweld Weld Trailing Shield® provides better gas coverage to the heat affected zone (HAZ), preventing oxidation and allowing for faster welding.

With our name and logo stamped onto every new Argweld Weld Trailing Shields®, you can be sure the Shield you are using is a HFT design, we guarantee quality and 100% craftsmanship.

HFT® owns the Argweld Weld Trailing Shields® copyright and full Intellectual Property rights for more than 45 years.

Trailing Shields for additional inert gas coverage during stainless steel welding and titanium welding

By using an Argweld Weld Trailing Shields® welds will be left bright and shiny and eliminate discolouration and oxidation.

Argweld Weld Trailing Shields® will reduce gas consumption, save re-work and eliminate wasted material costs due to oxidation.

Argweld Weld Trailing Shields® can be used for welding stainless steels, duplexes as well as titanium and any other weldable metal where discolouration or oxidation needs to be eliminated.

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