History of the Weld Purge Monitor®

Where it all began....

10W PurgEye100 IP65 WeldPurgeMonitor

Invented in the 1980’s by Vacuum Physics and Company Founder, Ron A Sewell, the Mark I Weld Purge Monitor® instrument was soon adopted by the welding industry as an essential piece of instrumentation for measuring the amount of oxygen in the purge gas.

Measuring range: Atmosphere down to 100 ppm.

As technology moved forward, so did our development of this initial unit, into MarkII, MarkIII, MarkIV and MarkV within the Argweld Family range of Weld Purge Monitors®.

The next millennium brought a completely new design and a new name……

PurgEye® 100 Weld Purge Monitor® was launched and is now the standard insturment of today used my most welding all over the World.  

And in 2021 a new IP65 version was created.  

Along with unique new packaging for the replacement sensors.

The PurgEye® 100 has become the world’s best-selling Weld Purge Monitor®. Loved by welders who are welding stainless steel and want to achieve bright, shiny, oxide-free welds.


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