Technical Data and Specification

Pipestoppers Inflatable Stoppers PlugsHFT® Pipestoppers® Heat Resistant Covers have a very top spec rating.

Each cover is manufactured to protect from heat, oil and chemicals with a high temperature resistant fabric made from pre-oxidised acrylic fibre which is then enriched with a fibre glass backing to proivde strength.  

Fabric Performance

EN 531 : EN 373 6.5
Molten Metal Splash Level D3

EN 531 : EN 367 6.3
Convective Heat Level B4

EN 470-1 : EN 532
Flame Spread Pass

Tensile Strength

EN ISO 13934-1
Warp - 110N
Weft - 120N

Tear Strength

B.S. ISO 4674 Method A2
Warp - 40N
Weft - 40N


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