Available in all Shapes and Sizes

HFT Pipestoppers PetroChem Chemical Resistant Plugs Stoppers

The standard range of PetroChem® Stoppers is available in a variety of shapes with sizes ranging from 1 to 44” (25 to 1,118 mm). They have a 1.3 m hose length, 8 mm ID, 14 mm OD and are fitted with a standard Schrader valve.

It is generally accepted that the pressure, which an Inflatable Stopper will hold back, depends on five factors:

  1. The surface of the pipe into which the Inflatable Stopper is to be inserted.
  2. The friction resistance of the Inflatable Stopper cover material.
  3. The total area of contact between the Inflatable Stopper and pipe.
  4. Whether or not the Inflatable Stopper is supported.
  5. The pressure inside the Inflatable Stopper itself. 




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