Frequently Asked Questions

HFT Pipestoppers PetroChem Chemical Resistant Plugs Stoppers

1.0 What is the maximum temperature range for PetroChem® Stoppers?
The recommended maximum temperature for this standard range is 80ºC (176ºF).

2.0 What is the size range for PetroChem® Stoppers?
The size range is 1 - 44" (25 - 1,118 mm).

3.0 How do I inflate the Stoppers?

Each Stopper is designed and fitted with a standard Schrader valve, which will attach to any foot pump or compressor.

4.0 Can the PetroChem® Stoppers be used with Heat Covers for higher heat protection?
Yes, Heat Covers are available, which will provide protection up to 300ºC (572ºF).

5.0 Can I have the inflation hose any longer?
Yes, simply specify when ordering and your required length can be fitted for a small surcharge.

6.0 Are PetroChem® Stoppers kept in stock?
We do keep a number of PetroChem® Stoppers in stock?

7.0 What is the maximum inflation pressure?
This depends on the diameter of the stopper. Full details per size can be found in the User Instruction Manual, but also stamped onto each stopper for safety purposes.

8.0 Can the stopper be used more than once?
Yes, it can be used time and time again, provided it isn’t overinflated and kept in good condition.


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