Frequently Asked Questions

06W Argweld Argon Gas Feed Hose 5m

1.0 Do I have to attach the fittings to the hose myself?
No, the hose comes complete with the fittings crimped onto each end.

2.0 I require a length of hose not shown on the price list, is this possible?
Yes, contact our sales dept with your desired length and they will quote a price.

3.0 Is there a maximum length?
Yes, 100m is the longest length in a straight run, however longer lengths can be made up with joining connectors.

4.0 Is the hose stamped with the specification?
Yes, each length of hose is marked in white ink along the length with the specification: Argon Gas Hose BS EN 559 20 Bar (300 PSI) WP-MM.ID.

5.0 Do you keep good stocks for next day delivery?
Yes, we have hose and all fittings in stock and lengths can be made up quickly by our assembly team.

6.0 Can I purchase the fittings separately if required?
Yes, all fittings can be bought individually, see our price list for details.

7.0 Does the hose have a British Standard?
Yes, it is BS EN 559.

8.0 What is the temperature resistance range of the hose?
From -30o up to +80oC.

9.0 Is the hose just for argon?
No, it can also be used for nitrogen.

10.0 How much does it weight?
0.16 kgs per metre.

11.0 What are the dimensions of the hose?
The ID is 6 mm and the OD is 13 mm.

12.0 What is the maximum pressure rating of the hose?
Working pressure is 300 psi, 20 bar. 


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