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HFT COB is proud to have become the acknowledged World Leaders in gas weld purging techniques.

From their early beginnings with the development of the World's first Weld Purge Monitor®, HFT has maintained its position at the forefront of technology by developing and evolving new products to maintain pace with advancing technology and market demands.

HFT COB fully understand the need for traceability and safety. For example, the recording and auditing capabilities of the HFT Family of Weld Purge Monitors® are considered vital to the tube and pipe sector where traceability is now becoming a critical issue and MultiStrike® are thoria free, non toxic, green and safe for use.

Prestigious headquarters with extensive offices, factory and warehousing are strategically located near high speed roads, seaports and international airports, allowing efficient shipments and quick deliveries to all Partners, Exclusive Distributors and Customers in every part of the globe.

With a string of major international offices, HFT COB and their dedicated distribution branches are able to provide global coverage and an unbeatable technical knowledge base, supported by an Innovative research and development team who are constantly striving to update, improve and advance the range of products to remain at the forefront of weld purging technology.

HFT COB ensure all products are produced in large volume batches to maintain high stock levels in order to meet the demands of the market place in any quantity for immediate shipment, anywhere, any place, at any time.

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